Thursday, January 26, 2012

Number: 1

Theme of the Day: Number One
Age: 20 months

Magnetic Pom Poms
I made this worksheet myself in Photoshop Elements, and again Honey Pot took to it very well. She enjoys playing with the magnets and is quite good at placing them in the white circles. Will revisit this activity for future number units too!

Which is One? - Pictures
This was a very successful game when we did the color red earlier this week, and it was just as successful this time! The first time through, Honey Pot correctly and happily identified the pictures that contained just one dinosaur, umbrella and fish. But for some reason, she kept pointing to the picture of two turtles. We returned to these throughout the day, and by the third time through, she had mastered them all!

Lauri Puzzle
I found a set of puzzles by Lauri on Amazon for a great price, and will introduce them one at a time as we cover each number. Honey Pot loved playing with this puzzle. She poked out the 1 and the apple, pushed them back in again, walked around the house with it... all in all a great purchase, and a wonderful learning tool.

"Make It So, Number One" Sesame Street Video
Honey Pot's Daddy and I are big Star Trek fans, and Honey Pot is a big Sesame Street fan. So when I came across this video on You Tube, I had to include it in today's unit! (All video credits go to Sesame Street - I do not own this video!) Honey Pot really enjoyed watching it!

Which is One? - Numeral
I was so impressed with how flawlessly Honey Pot was able to identify the written number 1 each time. Afterward, I also asked her to show me 1 on her fingers (which she's known how to do since before her first birthday). We'll continue both activities for each number unit!

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