Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shape: Heart

Theme of the Day: Heart
Age: 20 months

Here is a picture of our chalkboard (another Dollar Tree item), where each morning I write down what the theme of the day is. She loves "Pooh Bah!"

Scratch Art
Last minute I remembered that I had this among my craft supplies, and decided to include it in Honey Pot's heart activities. Unfortunately though, you really have to push down hard with the stylus, and she was unable to do it by herself.

Biggest to Smallest
I simply cut these three hearts out of printer paper, and asked Honey Pot which was the biggest and smallest. After going over it a few times, she seemed to grasp the concept of big and small. Definitely something to revisit in other units!

I cut a heart out of foam and punched holes around its edges. Honey Pot enjoyed threading the shoelace through a hole or two, then quickly lost interest. I think it is worth trying again though, as her fine motor skills develop more.

The Dollar Tree was swarming with Valentine's Day gizmos, and I just couldn't resist this pack of heart bracelets. There wasn't much we could do with them - we counted them and we played with them. But that was about it.

I found this idea here and was so excited to have another use for that huge roll of con-tact paper that I have! This was my first time introducing scissors to Honey Pot, so she couldn't quite help me cut the tissue paper quite yet. Also, we didn't allow enough time for this activity, because we had to close up the sticky side and drive home from her Grams and Pops house. But all things considered, the final product came out pretty good. And Honey Pot loves to point it out on the window.

Cookie-Cutter Sandwich
There was a little surprise on Honey Pot's lunch plate today - a heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She was so happy to see it! Of course, this wasn't enough of the sandwich and she asked for more afterward. The scraps were just as tasty though!

Sponge Painting
I found a pack of sponge shapes at the Dollar Tree, and decided that it would make a great activity. With her Daddy's help, she learned how to push the sponge down (instead of dragging it across the page like a paintbrush). And by the end of the craft, she had made yet another beautiful creation! (Okay, so I'm biased.)

Honey Pot loves pizza! After seeing a pin on Pinterest about doing this for Valentine's Day, I decided it would be a perfect end to our heart unit. Using a cookie cutter, we cut hearts out of pieces of pepperoni. Honey Pot was able to correctly identify the shape, and she devoured her dinner!

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