Friday, November 1, 2013


Honey Pot is 3 years and 5 months old
Little M&M is 19 months old


We nabbed a few books from the library, and combined them with a few from our own collection as well. We read them again and again throughout the week!

Spiderweb Sensory

We had leftover spiderweb material from our decorations this year, so I decided to let Little M&M play with it a little bit. I spread it out over a tray, and placed a few spiders inside. He had fun plucking at the spiders and trying to free them from the web.

Q-Tip Skeleton Craft

I had seen these all over Pinterest, and had to let Honey Pot give it a try! I free-handed the skull, which wound up being way out of proportion, but oh well. This is why I don't freehand things! Then I cut and bent the q-tips that Honey Pot would need for her craft. I let her start with the gluing.

For the ribs, I showed her exactly where to squeeze the glue.

Here is the final product. Honey Pot was so proud!

Halloween Breakfast

On the morning of Halloween, I gave the kids a small surprise on their banana halves. Just a few mini chocolate chips, but they recognized it immediately as a ghost! It was a nice way to start the holiday, to show them that today was a special day.

Haunted House Math

This idea comes from No Time for Flashcards. She free-handed her haunted house, but I couldn't take such a risk! I found a cute one from The Adventures of a Polka-Dotted Teacher and printed it out. First I had Honey Pot color it in with crayons.

Then she glued it onto a piece of her favorite color paper.

I wrote numbers inside each window and door, then drew dots on the bottom of each ghost for her to match up to them.

She counted the dots, and glued them onto the haunted house where they belonged. She did great!

Here it is!

Jack-o-Lantern Felt Board

I created this last year, and it was great fun. I pulled it out again for Honey Pot and Little M&M to play with this week. Check out last year's Halloween unit to see more!

Mad Scientist Slime Experiment

We saw a fun Halloween episode of Sid the Science Kid recently, and in it they had a slime experiment. We wanted to give it a try to. Here is the recipe from the PBS Kids website. Unfortunately I have no pictures of this activity. Slime and toddlers are risky business, and I couldn't leave his side to take pictures. But this goop is fun stuff! The kids helped me mix the ingredients together, then they played and squished to their content. Be prepared for a mess with this one. But it's FUN!

Halloween Movie

We concluded our week with a fun Winnie the Pooh movie we rented from the library. They loved it, and so did I. We love Lumpy!

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