Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Frosty the Snowman!

Honey Pot is 3.5 years old
Little M&M is 20 months old

We were stranded at home due to snow one day this week, so we had a Frosty the Snowman impromptu mini-unit! Here is what we did:


First we read the book--the latest we've added to our Christmas collection, and our new favorite!

Build a Snowman

We kicked off the day by building a snowman out on our deck. Sure, we had some help from Daddy for this. Wish we had one of those magic hats to bring him to life!

Craft Stick Craft

I saw this from a blog called Serving Pink Lemonade and thought it was just too cute! First, I taped eight craft sticks together and the kids painted them white. 

Once the paint dried, Honey Pot added black to the tops and to another craft stick. I did Little M&M's for him, as this would have been tricky for him and black paint would have been, well, ubiquitous!

Then we glued on some googly eyes and a carrot nose! I drew the mouth on Little M&M's; he started to at first, but it was nowhere near where a mouth would be, lol. Then Honey Pot drew her own.

Add a strip of red yarn. And here's the final product!

Snowball Sensory Bin

I threw this together quite easily--cotton balls, fake snowballs, snowmen and baskets. Then I put a couple pairs of plastic tongs in there as an invitation to transfer things around.

Here they are using the tongs! Little M&M put a few snowballs in the baskets.

And Honey Pot got right to work on filling the jar with cotton balls.

I thought she'd just fill it to the top, but she was determined to add every single cotton ball!

After all the transferring, it was just a fun, fluffy sensory experience.

Then of course, it snowed over Honey Pot's head. A few times.

Since Honey Pot dominated the bin earlier in the day, I took it back out for Little M&M later on, with only the soft things--no baskets or jars.

When he was done, Honey Pot decided to line them all up!

All in all a successful snow day!

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