Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Color Green

Little M&M is 20 months old
To see Honey Pot's green unit, click here!

Green Discovery Basket

I started the week as usual by collecting objects that are primarily the color of the week. The images in the block, which we used in other colors last week for a collage, come from Homeschool Creations.

Little M&M loved exploring his basket! He loved emptying it out...

...and filling it back up again!

A couple of his favorites were the straw and the ball; however, he loved this next item so much, that I made a separate activity out of it.

Green Blocks - Building Towers

I gathered more of his sister's green blocks, because he was really enjoying them. And we built towers. We built towers over and over again. We'd finish building, he'd say, "Knock it over?" And then once we did, he'd say, "Again!"

Green Coloring Page

As usual, I let Little M&M complete a coloring page, which comes from Twisty Noodle again. Here's my ambidextrous boy...

And he was careful to color the frog's eye green too!

Which is Green? - Game

I did this game with Honey Pot all the time when she was this age, so I thought we'd give it a try too. I provided Little M&M with groups of three objects, and asked him which one was green. He had fun, and got a few right. 

Green Forest - Paint Swatch Craft

I pinned something on Pinterest a long time ago, from a blog called Angie's Roost. I just loved how it looked, and it was so simple too! So I went to Lowes for some green paint swatches, and cut them into triangles. Then I provided Little M&M with the glue, and helped him make a green forest!

And since it's Christmastime, we added a silhouette of a reindeer to the forest. :)

Honey Pot made one too!

Love these!

Green Sensory Bag - Shaving Cream + Paint

Just a little squishy, mess-free fun!

Green Bath

We love concluding our color units with a colorful bath! We use these wonderful Elmo bath tablets!

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