Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Letter P

Honey Pot is 3.5 years old

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics

We introduced the letter of the week in the usual way, with our pal Scout. We also included a couple of animals magnets this time that start with P. The kids received these for Christmas and we've been really enjoying them!

Purple Polka Dot P Puzzle

Kiboomu Kids Crafts had a fun idea for this week's craft, a puzzle! So we took ours a step further and made it purple, with purple polka dots!

She loved this!

P Maze

One of my recent go-to sites for worksheets at Honey Pot's current age is Education. They have these mazes, which she loves! She flew right through this maze!

Circle the P

Education also had this interesting activity. First I read her the nursery rhyme, so she could hear all the P sounds. Then I asked her to circle as many P's as she could find. This is a tricky one!

She didn't exactly find them all. But this was a new type of challenge for her, and I'm really pleased with how she did with it.

I asked her to count them up at the end, and she found thirty P's!

P is for Playdoh

Okay, so we use playdoh for just about all of our letter units. But I tried to gear it towards the letter P a little more than usual. First we did some P cutouts with our new cookie/playdoh cutters.

Then we tried to find some cutters that may start with the letter P. Plane, pumpkin and puppy fit the bill!

Then she wanted to make a snowman. But hey, it's a p-p-purple snowman!

...and he's got big feet!

...and arms. LOL.

Pattern Block P

We printed this page out from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Honey Pot had fun with this!

P is for Pennies

I printed this page out from Early Learning Activities. They are so versatile, as they can be used for magnetic pom poms, dot markers or any type of counters. First Honey Pot placed the pennies along the P.

Then she asked for her dot markers to finish it up.

Pretend Play - Paying for P Items

We decided to extend the penny play with her new cash register. We took turns buying things that start with the letter P. So first we'd go on a search around the room. Then one of us would be the cashier, and the other would pay using cash or credit.

Pizza, a pepper and a pear, please!

Then we added some pineapple, peas and potato chips for the next turn!

Next she found Pluto, a princess, a planet pillow, a plate and a pipe cleaner! That was a big one. She had to pay with credit.

P Coloring Page

I found an alphabet coloring book by Leap Frog in the dollar spot at Target so I had to pick one up for her. I know she isn't a huge fan of coloring, but she was sure to trace the P and color the sunshine purple. Whatever floats your boat, Honey Pot!

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