Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Letter Q

Honey Pot is 3.5 years old

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics

We introduced the letter of the week by listening to Scout's song about the letter Q.

Q is for Q-Tip Painting

Honey Pot loves her pony toys, but hasn't seen the show yet. Is there even a My Little Pony currently on TV? I'll have to find out. I did find these though, from a blog called Laura Thoughts. She had a variety of ponies to choose from too! Honey Pot chose three colors, and painted her pony with q-tips.

Too many circles to fill for her attention span I suppose. But still cute!

Q is for Quilt-Sewing

I printed a picture of a quilt onto cardstock, and punched holes around the edges. Then I tied a long piece of yarn around a small piece of pipe cleaner (I read somewhere that it serves as a nice "needle" for young hands to sew with). Honey Pot loved sewing her quilt!

First Honey Pot and I spoke out loud to help her know how to go. "Up through the green, down through the orange" and so forth.

But for the second half I let her do as she pleased.

Well done!

Q Maze

Honey Pot loves these mazes from Education.


We also practiced writing the letter Q with another worksheet from Education.

Q Puzzle

Education also had a fun printable puzzle that Honey Pot tried out.

Do-A-Dot Q

Honey Pot and Little M&M helped themselves to the dot markers at one point this week, so I took the opportunity to expose Honey Pot to the shape of the Q some more. The printable comes from Early Learning Activities.

Q is for Quarter Rubbings

This activity would have worked better if we taped down the quarters and the paper. But Honey Pot gave it a whirl anyway, and did pretty well!

Q Playdoh

We like to bring out the playdoh often around here. We're due to make a new batch of homemade playdoh, but for now we use these. Honey Pot made a few Q cutouts with her cookie cutter.

Then we decided to make a Q queen!

That noodle is supposed to be a crown...

Thanks for joining us in our Q unit!

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