Monday, February 10, 2014

Letter R

Honey Pot is 3.5 years old

Leap Frog Fridge Phonics

Introducing the letter of the week: we listened to Scout's song and identified two animals that start with the letter R.

Connect the Dots Worksheet

Honey Pot practiced prewriting as well as number identification by completing this worksheet from Education.

Pushpin Poking

She also familiarized herself with the letter's shape by poking a giant pushpin through it. 

Pattern Blocks

We printed out the letter R page from Confessions of a Homeschooler to use with her pattern blocks.

Prewriting Practice

We printed out dotted uppercase and lowercase R's for her to trace.

R Maze

Honey Pot was finally stumped by these mazes from Education. She ran into a couple dead-ends on her way to the finish!

R is for Rockets

This may have been the favorite activity of the week, inspired by Dollar Store Crafts. We printed out mirror-image rocket clipart, taped them together, leaving the bottom open, and put them at the end of a straw. Then Honey Pot could launch her own rockets!

She did this again and again. And she practiced backwards counting before each launch. First from 5-1 and then from 10-1! A fine number review.

Later, after seeing how much fun Honey Pot was having, Little M&M and Daddy each wanted their own rockets too.

Red Rover Game

Honey Pot has a fun game that reviews colors, as well as a few shapes, letters and numbers. She hasn't played it in a while, because she has outgrown it a bit. But she saw it up in the closet with her other games and actually requested it. She did awesome and it kept her quite entertained.

Sticky Wall Rainbow

This idea comes directly from Mama Papa Bubba. This was a perfect activity for both kids this week, as it aligned with Honey Pot's R unit, as well as helped Little M&M review all six colors he has covered so far. First I drew a rainbow onto contact paper, and I cut little pieces out of scrap paper.

The kids enjoyed sticking the pieces up there. Honey Pot had no trouble, but I often had to help Little M&M find the right color. Great review though!

Once it was finished, I put another piece of contact paper on top of it.

Playdough Rainbow

Playing House had a fun idea for our playdough play this week. We finally made a new batch of homemade playdough together. Then we squished two pieces of it into clouds, and Honey Pot created a rainbow out of pipe cleaners.

Plus we did some R cutouts, which she pretended was rain, falling beneath the clouds.

R is for Road

We started our last craft by cutting up strips of white paper for the road lines.

Then Honey Pot glued the R onto the paper.

And added the road lines that she cut out.

I found a set of cars to print out that she could add to the road too.

She loved her creation!

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