Monday, February 10, 2014


Little M&M is 22 months old

Purple Coloring Page

I printed off a coloring page from Twisty Noodle and provided Little M&M with the purple crayon, dot marker and regular marker.

Purple Hunt and Discovery Basket

Little M&M went on a color hunt for things that are purple. I feel sure that he knows this color. He always points it out to us when he sees it. We started in his big sister's room, where he found lots of purple toys.

Then a couple from his room.

And even downstairs in his play kitchen.

When he finished his search, he had created a fun basket of purple things to explore throughout the week.

Purple Water Beads

Honey Pot explored these during her purple unit, and I just had to let Little M&M explore them too. They were such a hit, and yet we hadn't played with them since then. First, we hydrated them, by soaking them in 2 quarts of water for about 6 hours.

Honey Pot actually played with them first during Little M&M's nap. She plopped her feet in of course. Then she asked me to take silly pictures of her, and show each of them to her.

Then it was Little M&M's turn. He woke up so grumpy from his nap, but once I convinced him to put his hands in there, he was calm and happy.

He and sissy had nice practice in turn-taking as they each put their feet in.

The day I had planned to do this also happened to be a snow day. So we had a bin of snow next to this, and the tools and toys I provided for it made their way over to this bin. The kids scooped out water bead cereal to pretend to eat.

And loaded their dump trucks up with them.

We took this out the next day for play as well. Just as fun!

Purple Blocks

We built towers out of Honey Pot's Mega Blocks. He could do this for a long time!

"Knock't over?"

Sticky Paper Rainbow

We like to review each of the previous colors Little M&M has learned, and so we completed a rainbow craft today with Honey Pot, whom was also wrapping up her letter R unit. The idea comes from Mama Papa Bubba.

Honey Pot did most of this craft, but Little M&M did love putting the pieces onto the sticky paper. It wasn't always on the right color, but it was a nice review for him. We always identified the color of the paper that he picked up.

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