Monday, February 3, 2014


Little M&M is 22 months old

Basketball Craft

Our first orange activity was inspired by a blog called Handprint and Footprint Art. First we painted Little M&M's hands in orange paint, and then we pressed them onto a sheet of paper. I painted a basketball in between the handprints.

I wanted to extend his craft since this one is more of a keepsake. So I provided him with a circle sponge, and he was able to make his own basketballs!

Once they dried, he scribbled some basketball lines onto them.

For this one, process, not product. Obviously. :)

Pipe Cleaners into a Colander

This is a popular activity on Pinterest. I remember trying it with Honey Pot when she was this young, but she didn't much care for it. Little M&M loved it! Great fine motor practice.

He stuck all of the pipe cleaners into the colander.

Then he wanted to do it again. I showed him how to put both ends of the pipe cleaner into the holes, for some extra fun!

Color Hunt and Discovery Basket

Little M&M made his own discovery basket this week, by going on a hunt for orange items.

He had such fun toting his basket all around the house looking for "other one orange". Then, he was able to explore all the goodies in his basket throughout the week.

Pom Pom Shoot

We finally created one of those shoots I'd been seeing everywhere on Pinterest. Instead of a toilet paper tube or paper towel tube, I had a nice sturdy one from a roll of craft paper. I taped it to the wall, and provided Little M&M with pom poms of each color we've done so far. This was our review activity of the week.

We identified each pom pom's color before he dropped it through the shoot.

He loved it! Even Honey Pot played with it when she returned from preschool. Little M&M then created a new game with his pom pom basket. Shaking it up and down until all the pom poms fly out!

Ugh. Love this boy.

Orange Coloring Page

I printed off another coloring page from Twisty Noodle, and gave Little M&M a marker, dot marker and crayon to color it with.

Orange Matching Game

And for our final activity of the week, we printed off this matching game from Me and Marie Learning. Little M&M did really well matching up the items without me even telling him how to play.

He even did it a second time. :)

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