Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Letter V

This is our first week following our new preschool homeschool curriculum, and it was a huge success! It definitely provided us with a more varied group of activities and skills. We started off with the letter V, but once the alphabet has been completed will we continue other, more flexible themes.

Honey Pot is 4 years old.

Monday - Literacy

V is for Vine - Scissor Skills

I created cutting lines for her in the shape of vines.

V Tracing Page

I printed this page from Kid's Learning Station.

Additionally, Honey Pot practiced letter-writing today in the form of birthday thank-you cards. But that isn't part of our V theme, so it isn't shown here. :)

Tuesday - Math and Cognitive Skills + Craft

V is for Vegetables - Measuring

We practiced measuring vegetables with a ruler, in inches.

V is for Van and Village - Maze

This printable comes from Preschool Printable Activities.

V Dot-to-Dot Page

This comes from the Education website.

V is for Vegetables - Size Sorting

This was a quick activity in which both Honey Pot and Little M&M could participate! The printable comes from Busy Little Bugs.

V is for Vase - Craft

This week's craft is in the form of glue and stickers. I hope to do paint next week!

More ruler practice, as Honey Pot drew her stems! This was her first time using a ruler to make straight lines and she did great!

Here is the final product. She counted her flowers and wrote the number seven all by herself!

Wednesday - Social Studies and Social Skills

V is for Veterinarians - Learning about Community Helpers + Pretend Play

We borrowed a book from the library to help introduce the word veterinarian, and describe what they do. Honey Pot was able to grasp the concept easily, and we love the fun rhyme and rhythm of this story. 

After reading the story, we set up our own veterinarian clinic. First we cut up straws and placed them in an empty spice container to use as medicine.

Then we came out to the "waiting room" to call out the first patient!

Honey Pot wore her Daddy's white dress shirt as a coat and used her doctor's kit. Singing Doc McStuffin's "Time for your Check-Up" song is optional, but highly recommended!

Then she filled out the puppy's chart. The sweet printable comes from ikatbag! She was able to circle the type of animal, pretend to write the animals name, and circle whether the patient was sick, injured, having a baby or in need of shots.

The puppy needed a shot.

Kitty was sick and needed medicine.

Poor parrot hurt her wing, and needed a bandage. We used a slap bracelet, as the band-aid that came with Honey Pot's doctor kit is missing!

Here are the completed forms. She asked me to be the veterinarian by the time we came to Thumper, the last patient of the day.

Then Little M&M wanted a turn!

V is for Vacuum - Chore Skills

Next I cut up a piece of paper into small pieces and wrote small V's on each.

I spread them throughout the carpet and asked Honey Pot to vacuum up the V's!

Thursday - Sensory + Music

V Salt Tray - Sensory

We pulled out Honey Pot's salt tray to practice writing the letter V. At first they kept looking like U's, so she worked on making the point at the bottom!

V is for Violin - Music

One of Honey Pot's favorite shows, Little Einsteins, has already introduced her to the violin. As a matter of fact, an episode she saw this week provided a fun game where she had to listen to a few notes of music from three different instruments, and choose which of the three was a violin. Great activity! After watching this, I also showed her a youtube video of woman playing Frozen's "Let it Go" on the violin. She was entranced by it! Here is the link to the performance we saw by the very talented Taylor Davis.

Friday - Science

V is for View + Making V's in Nature

We took a walk at our local park to see the view today. Along the way, Honey Pot gathered various items with which we might make V's.

We tried it out with sticks first, then brought the other supplies home to glue them into her nature journal.

Here are the kids enjoying the view.

While we were there, we noticed carvings on the bench. Honey Pot pointed out the V there.

Then later, at home, she glued in various pieces of grass, twigs, etc. to make some V's.

It is hard to see, but she also wrote some V's in pink on this page.

V is for Volcano - Science Experiment

I followed the instructions for this popular experiment from The Measured Mom. First, we formed a volcano shape around a mason jar, using old, homemade brown and pink playdough that was ready to be discarded.

We filled it with warm water, 2 TBSP of baking soda, a few drops of dish soap and a drop or two of orange food coloring. Then I asked Honey Pot to pour in the vinegar!

We had so much success with this experiment. The kids loved watching it erupt!

It had been a long time since I have done this experiment, so I didn't realize just how much vinegar we could pour in, to get the desired effect. I kept refilling Honey Pot's jar of vinegar, and we did it again and again. Eventually we got the really big, orange eruption for which we had been waiting!

She loved it!

We added more vinegar for as long as it would keep erupting. Then I ran out!

Honey Pot had the idea to scoop up the vinegar from the bottom of the pan (smart cookie). This worked a little bit, as it caused a little more bubbling. I added more baking soda to the jar as well but, after another eruption, I quickly ran out of that too. Time to restock these supplies so we can continue this experiment in other ways! What a hit!

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