Sunday, February 3, 2019

Learning about Yellow!

This week we finished up the primary colors with some fun yellow activities! Take a look!

Yellow Discovery Bin
I filled a large bin with several yellow things from around the house. Mostly toys, but a few other surprises as well. I wanted a variety of textures for her to explore, and opportunities for play along the way! As she plays with the items we talk not only about the color, but about what she's doing as well. It's a great way to build her vocabulary!

She immediately went for her big brother and sister's math machine. She loves pushing the buttons! At first she played with it in random fashion, but then we made a game of it: I pushed a few buttons so they raised up, and then she had to go and push them all back down again.

Next she grabbed the magnetic tiles!

And then she explored other small toys inside, such as this rubber duck.

Pretending to eat a toy lemon:

Inside the discovery bin I had placed this bowl of yellow pom poms and a set of tongs. She had difficulty using them, but tried this often throughout the week, determined to figure it out!


She took apart the Lego Duplo giraffe next.

She returned to this bin throughout the week to explore more items, some for a second and third time!

She especially loved this slinky that we borrowed from Honey Pot's room.

Sunshine Painting
I saw a recipe for a taste-safe paint using cornstarch, so I mixed that together for Sweet E to paint a sunshine for this week's craft!

It came out super cute!

Yellow Drawing with Mixed Media
Little M&M came up with this activity, since he was home on a Snow Day and saw us doing yellow activities! So why not! He provided Sweet E with yellow markers, crayons, and pencils to create a simple yellow picture.

She always enjoys coloring activities!

Another fun part of coloring, is placing caps back on!

Shredded Paper Sensory Bin + Pom Pom Search
I shredded up several sheets of yellow scrapbook paper, and placed them in a yellow bucket. Then I created a template for the pom poms that I would hide in the bucket for Sweet E.

She explored the paper first.

Then I showed her the empty template, and invited her to find the pom poms! She loved pulling the shreds out of the bin and dropping them onto the floor. Happy to have chosen paper and not something like rice, for today's sensory bin! 😂

She found one, and immediately placed it into the first circle. So we started counting. "There's one pom pom. Can you find another?" And I pointed to the empty circle under the two.

She found the second, then pointed to the empty circle under the three by herself, knowing that there was still a pom pom missing!

Once she found the third, we counted them several times, pointing to each as we did so.

She enjoyed this game very much, so we put the pom poms back inside to play a few more games.

Here she is pointing to each, as I counted.

She returned to the paper bin a few more times. We got some good use out of it! And though counting is an advanced skill for her age, it's important to expose her to the concept.

Color Review - Sticker Sorting
For this week's color review, I taped up three sheets of paper, and provided Sweet E with circle stickers that match them. Then I showed her how to put a blue sticker onto the blue paper, and invited her to do the same.

She loves stickers!

And by peeling off the edge stickers for her, she has no trouble peeling up the circles herself.

It was a great review of our first three colors!

We will be taking a break from color themes now, so we can spend two fun weeks doing Valentine's Day activities! 💗 Stay tuned for that!

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