Tuesday, August 4, 2015

S is for Snake!


We borrowed two books about snakes for today's letter of the day. Both were very cute. We are huge Elephant and Piggie fans, and Can I Play Too? quickly became one of our favorites!

Letter Recognition Activity

For today's letter recognition activity, we drew S's on our window with dry erase markers. Then the kids filled them up with Squigz! It was a challenge to stick them all up there before they lost suction, but both kids did a great job!

Little M&M covered his S with the blue Squigz.

And Honey Pot use the green ones.

Afterward, they tried to fill in the empty spaces with orange. It was a fun activity!

Fine Motor Beaded Snakes

We created snakes out of pipe cleaners for our activity of the day. The idea came from Mess for Less. I attached a small jingle bell to one end of the snake. Then the kids had to choose two colors of beads with which to create a pattern. Honey Pot chose pink and purple, and created an AAB pattern.

Little M&M chose dark blue and black, and made and AB pattern.

Then we just attached oval papers to the other end, and the kids drew on their faces. Very cute!

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