Monday, August 17, 2015

X is for X-Ray!


I borrowed these books for today's x-ray theme. I wanted to extend the lesson to bones and parts of the body, so these were just perfect. And we love the Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about That books by Tish Rabe. The rhymes make each of them so fun to read and keeps the kids' attention.

Letter Recognition Activity

For today's activity we did a classic, the x-ray X, using q-tips that I happen to have in multitude. First I drew an X onto black construction paper with a white crayon.

Then the kids each used their glue to make lines down each side of the X. Look at those hand muscles at work!

Then they carefully placed their "bones" onto the x-ray.

Here is what they look like when they're completed!

X-Ray Match-Up and Pretend Play

I found this incredible free printable from Tried and True. First I printed each of the x-rays onto vellum paper, and then I printed their matching drawings onto regular printer paper. I lined up the drawings on the floor for the kids.

Then they took turns picking up an x-ray and holding it up to the window. (The light box we made recently would have been a fun option too!)

After looking at the x-ray, they had to find its match among the body parts and animals. I love how perfectly they fit onto the drawings, giving the kids a great idea of what the bones really look like.

Here is Honey Pot observing an x-ray of a human skull.

And here it is after she matched it up. Awesome!

They had fun doing this game, and seeing what the bones look like.

After all the pictures had been matched up, we did a little doctor's office pretend play. We took turns being the doctors and patients. If there were any broken bones, we wrapped them up with crepe paper "bandages."

Here is Doctor Honey Pot, looking at an x-ray she took of Little M&M's hand.

It was broken, so she carefully wrapped it up in bandages.

Then it was her turn to be the patient, and Little M&M had to take an x-ray of her knee. I helped him wrap up her bandage.

They had such a great time, and their Dad even joined in later.


If you like this, take a look at Honey Pot's letter X theme from 2014!


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