Tuesday, July 21, 2015

L is for Light!


Here are our books for today's letter of the day. We really enjoyed I See Myself. It really put the concepts of reflection and light into terms young kids can understand.

Here's an example of one of the inside pages, which asks the reader to try to look in the mirror in a dark closet. Loved this book!

Letter Recognition

After reading our books, we completed one letter recognition activity. Placing gems on the letter L (this dot marker page comes from Shannon's Tot School). I printed the page onto vellum paper, and placed it on today's sensorial activity, our light box! It was just our usual sensory bin, with Christmas lights placed inside then plugged in, and a piece of parchment paper taped over the top. Worked out great, without being too fancy.

Light Box - Sensorial Activity

I had been wanting to do a light table for a long time, since seeing them on Pinterest. We did a simple version here today, while exploring light and color-mixing. We observed our water blocks over the light for quite a while.

Then we brought the gems back out, as well as a few small, clear cups.

Little M&M, in particular, enjoyed filling these cups and pouring the gems back and forth.

They also enjoyed scooping and sorting.

Then the kids brought the blocks back onto the light box to combine with the gems.

And Honey Pot, ever the fan of pretend play, brought a little giraffe over to eat some gems while she had her own dinner.

A successful theme!

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