Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Q is for Quack!


We borrowed these books from the library for our letter Q day. We had read Dawdle Ducking from the library a long, long time ago and it has actually become a nickname for Honey Pot when she's dawdling sometimes. And we always enjoy the Little Quack books. Both of these stories were very cute.

Letter Recognition

For our letter recognition activity today we used water to "paint" over the letter Q on a chalkboard. This is a fun, simple activity we do sometimes. The kids enjoy it!

Duck Pond - Small World

We had made a frog pond small world a while back, and it was a huge hit. We use our water table or a water sensory bin almost daily in the summertime, so I was looking for something different. Instead of water, we made a fresh batch of homemade playdoh to serve as our pond. First the kids helped me mix the ingredients together:

Then, after it had cooked on the stove for a few minutes, they helped me knead the dough:

Here was the final product. We ended up making two batches for an extra big duck pond.

We included some craft sticks, gems, textured paper lily pads and rubber ducks.

The kids spent a lot of time forming their pond, squishing the lily pads onto the water and using their imaginations. As occurred in the Little Quack book we read, the kids even grabbed their little frogs to add to the pond for friends.

The play went on for a long time. They built a bridge too at one point!

Our recent family movie night was Tangled, so the kids wanted some floating lanterns to set off above the pond. So we added some battery-operated candles to our play today too.

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