Monday, July 20, 2015

K is for Kite!


We've transitioned into doing a "Letter of the Day" instead of a "Letter of the Week" over here, to make sure we finish in time for Little M&M to begin preschool. So here are just two books, to kick off our K is for Kite day!

Letter Recognition

After reading our books, and talking briefly about kites, we completed one letter recognition activity. Today's pick: poking holes along the K with a giant push pin. This is always a fun one for the kids!

And here are the completed K's, held up to the window.


This paper bag kite idea comes from Lovely Commotion. I thought it was just great for their age group! Plus it didn't require a special trip to the park on a wind-perfect day, but merely a romp around the backyard. First they decorated both sides of their paper bags with stickers and markers, and we taped on some streamers.

Then I added a string, tied to a craft stick inside the paper bags, and the kids ran through the backyard, allowing their kites to float behind them.

They had such a great time with their kites!

It was a perfect way to begin our new Letter of the Day adventures!

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