Friday, July 24, 2015

O is for Outer Space!


These are our O is for Outer Space books for the day. The Magic School bus book is from our own collection, and a true favorite for my kids. We LOVE it.

Letter Recognition

For our letter recognition activity today we just drew O's on a piece of construction paper, and filled their shape with smiley face stickers.

Outer Space Craft

For today's main activity we created a large poster of our solar system. It was a combined effort, and it all began with some splat painting! The kids love doing this! We watered down some white paint, and flicked our paintbrushes at the black poster paper.

We wound up with a pretty awesome glimpse of outer space.

Initially, I was going to have each of them paint one planet, but then I came across a great printable of all the planets in their relative sizes. So I printed those out and started cutting them out while the kids worked on painting the sun with pom pom brushes.

They smeared them across the page for a fun look, then we found that stamping the pom poms along the edge gave it a fantastic burning appearance.

We attached the planets with pop dots as the final touch.

Here is the final product! The kids are SO happy with it (and frankly so am I). As Honey Pot said, "It almost looks for real!"

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