Wednesday, July 22, 2015

M is for Money!


Here are our books for the day. Very cute stories about kids earning and saving up money. Some parts were a little advanced, since my kids don't know the values of coins yet. But these were a great introduction for them!

Letter Recognition

After reading our books we completed one letter recognition activity. Today we pulled out our salt tray and the kids took turns writing M's and other designs inside it.

Coins - Sorting and Patterns

To begin our letter M activity the kids sorted coins from their pretend cash register. We talked about what each coin was called and how to recognize their differences (color, size).

Then Honey Pot created a few patterns with the coins.

Dollars - Store Pretend Play

To introduce the kids to dollar bills, we set up a little store! I slapped on some stickers with prices ranging from $1-$22...

Sorted their pretend money into piles...

And got out the register for one of us to be the cashier.

First I was the cashier, and the kids went shopping! I had them buy one item at a time.

They read the price sticker, and had to find the right amount of money to give me. Little M&M surprised me with his recognition of all the single digit numbers!

And Honey Pot did a terrific job of figuring out how add bills together. I explained the value of each bill to her, and asked how she might combine them to make, for example, $7. This was a new concept for her, and she did wonderfully.

We continued this game for a while, and each took turns being the cashier. Because it's fun to open the register drawer and put money away!

Then, Honey Pot gathered random items for her own store! She took the price stickers off of my items, and placed them onto hers. And the game went on for a while!

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