Monday, August 10, 2015

U is for USA!


We borrowed three USA books from the library for our letter U day! Little M&M was a little young to appreciate these, but I really think Honey Pot enjoyed learning about our country. America Is... in particular is a beautiful book, and really illustrates the different landscapes and ways of life that exist right in our own country. Honey Pot began to get a gist of how big the USA really is.

Letter Recognition Activity - U Flag

I created a flag template in Photoshop Elements for today's activity. I encouraged the kids to color blue around the stars, and to color every other stripe in red. This was a great exercise in following directions, as well as practice staying in the lines!

And of course Honey Pot must always add hearts to every picture!

USA Landmark - Memory Game

I created this in Photoshop Elements for today as well. I chose eight landmarks in the USA, printed the page twice, and created a 4x4 memory game for the kids. It was a nice introduction to some important places in our country, and it was good for them to become familiar with their names.

The kids were pretty good!

Little M&M even wanted to play again after we had finished the first time.

As an extension, I took out a map of the USA for them to see. First we talked about our home state, and where that is. Then we made note of where some of our friends and family live. Honey Pot was able to find a few states on the map by recognizing the letters. For example, she found where Pennsylvania is by finding the word that started with P. Texas was also an easy one to find by sounding the word out. We grabbed a few of our pictures from the memory game, and also briefly discussed the directional terms North, South, East and West

Would you like to print the U flag or USA landmark memory game? Grab them below!


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