Thursday, August 6, 2015

T is for Trains!


We borrowed two library books, combined with two of our favorite train books, for our letter T day. Our absolute favorite is this version of The Little Engine That Could. It's a classic story, and Loren Long's illustrations are just gorgeous.

Letter Recognition Activity - Hole Punching

Just as a conductor punches train tickets, the kids punched holes in a letter T ticket. This was a great activity for strengthening their hand muscles!

Craft - Name Train

For our main activity today, the kids created trains out of construction paper. To assemble the train, they had to put the boxcars in rainbow order and spell their first names. (Each boxcar contained a letter of their names in real life, so please excuse the portions where I erased those.)

First they glued on their engines.

Then they glued the train cars beside it. Honey Pot knew both how to spell her name, as well as rainbow order, so this was easy for her but still fun! Little M&M could do his fairly well too!

Then they glued on their wheels.

Next, they doodled cargo and passengers onto the trains. And, minus their erased names, here are their completed projects! Super cute choo choos!

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